Progressive purpose.

I've had the opportunity to work with Lululemon on multiple projects over the past couple of months.  The progression from number 1 to the most recent few projects is awesome to look back on.  Here are a couple personal takeaways:

  • Focus on the particular job at your finger tips, do not look to the next one to do better.  Instead, make sure this one is better.
  • Challenge yourself to continue and push the boundaries of past projects and check yourself once it's completed.  What can I do better?  Where do I draw inspiration from?  What equipment will achieve this?
  • Always recognize the team effort it takes to create the body of work.  This would not happen without days of pre-planning and the on location team working together under a common goal.  Be apart of the team and understand the goal.
  • Seek critiques and advice from friends as well as industry colleagues.  Find honesty in your criticism and friends.  

Huge thank you to both Matte Black and Lululemon for always allowing this process to take place in their work!

Let me know what takeaways you might have in the comments below.